From time to time, Angels (VS) come down to earth, among us mere mortals, to remind us that they too belong to this world…

Extraordinarily beautiful, highest paid (and most envied) models in the the world, they will smile and pose with anyone who wants to take a very special picture with them 🙂

After I miserably failed last February (I went to the same event in SoHo so that I could say: “Well, come on, if you see them in person, they are ugly”…ahahaha!), I brought my dad in March to pose with the Angels too. Now it’s your turn:

is there anyone who wants to get a photo with them??

I guess all men will say “not me”, hahaha!

Save the date: Monday, November 19th.
Location: Victoria’s Secret store, just reopened at Herald Square (between Broadway and 34th Street)
Hours: from noon to 2pm you can meet Candice and Miranda; from 6 to 8 Lily and Adriana will be there.

How it works: there are two lines. One “general admission” and one for VIP, those who will spend $ 75 (VIP people will also get a free Victoria’s Secret tote bag!).

I’m planning to go there around 6pm… let me know if you are going too 😉

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