This morning I went to Sephora next to Borough Hall Station in Brooklyn and I bought J’adore by Dior, my favorite fragrance. On my way to Manhattan I unwrapped the sealed plastic around the box, I threw it away and I got on the train .

You can imagine my shock when I took the perfume out and I found out I just spent $130 for an empty bottle!!!


At first I tried to calm myself with: “it might look empty because it’s so full that I can’t even see where the liquid ends…”. I try to spray it and I noticed the “try me” stick at the bottom… Sephora got scammed and I’ve been fooled.


I went to Sephora in Union Square and spoke to Alex, the guy who assisted me. I shared what just happened and I suggested him to call Sephora in Brooklyn to let them know about what was going on, so that they could be more careful with returning products.

It really upset me when the manager said: “You have to return it in Brooklyn or it will create an inventory problem for us, this is their problem!”… isn’t Sephora policy to accept any product bought in any Sephora?! I would expect a better customer service.

I got all the understand and caring from Brooklyn location (thank you!!!).

Tahira was super nice. After apologizing for what happened in their store, she also apologized in behalf of the Union Square location. I got my new (this time for real) J’adore and she also gave me few samples.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you’re going to buy a perfume for your loved one, check inside first!

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