I don’t receive commissions for the things I recommend.  I just recommend things I love…

And now I’d like to introduce you my friend Max, Kangoo buddy, and his MLNY brand that I’m obsessed with!

Our mutual friend and Kangoo trainer Mario Godiva has just appeared in New York Times (YAY!!) and he was wearing a shirt that Max designed for him … I have that same one, in red,  which I keep washing and wearing it not stop: the fabric is amazing too 🙂

MLNY Max Losk already has a lot of fans on Facebook.  I’m not the first one to fall in love with his clothing.  “SAY IT LOUD” expresses Max’s fight for equality: where fashion meets human rights.

Wearing my favorite t-shirt is not only a way to “advertise Mario”  (I always enjoy doing it, he’s GREAT) but it also makes me feel “strong”.  My friend Francesca made fun of me for my “statement”, heheh, but it really expresses my feelings.

I love this long sleeves and hood too, and here is my friend Max modeling it for us:

I really wanna buy a bag and I’m debating with myself which one I prefer between these two; I only know it has to be pink 😀
I may need your help to decide though: which one you like the most?

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