Thanks to Silvana Porcu (journalist friend of mine), I received an email from Grant, one of the Blue Note Jazz Club and Blue Note Jazz Festival‘s promoters.

Since its opening in 1981, Blue Note, Greenwich Village “institution”, has become the world’s number one location for Jazz.

Send me an email at by 4:30 today (May 15th) with SOTTI as object and you could win a ticket for tonight concert!!!

Yesterday I posted the same giveaway on Facebook and this morning I received an email from one of the winners, Paolo Dal Gallo: “Good morning Laura! Thank you for last night: Blue Note concert was SUPER. Fabrizio Sotti is a great composer. What a blast! All his guests were amazing too . Thank you again […]

Attached, he also sent me pic and video, which I posted below… good luck to everyone who want to participate to TONIGHT GIVEWAY!!!

Fabrizio Sotti at Blue Note – Mini video

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